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celebs movie

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If you like horny celebrities you will like this movie with famous girl showing their low décolleté.
Tags: celebs flashing, celebs pics gallery
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Adrian ( 9 years ago )
Thank you for reading and cointmemng hun :) your blog is really great, especially if you've just started it! I would recommend starting a twitter account to find people who enjoy the same things as you write about, and let them know about your blog and comment regularly on lots of different blogs as usually the people who read yours are fellow bloggers. Hope this helps! :) xx
Gabino ( 11 years ago )
& ErikIt’s all a matter of taste off crsuoe. The Forbidden Fruit commercial for instance didn’t do it for me. Although well executed, I thought it was old-fashioned car advertising. This one however I kind of like. It’s different. It’s relevant. And it’s even a bit sexy. Without showing nipples or upskirt shots. It may not be to your liking, but to say there is no idea in there is just not true. Here’s a small hint  think ‘room and comfort’.

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