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The beautiful body of this black celebrity diva is recorded on camera mans device on a hot summer day.
Tags: free celebrities pics, hot celebs
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Lina ( 9 years ago )
It's no  Heathers  or  After Hours,  but I liked  Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist  just the same (read the book if you want the R story and not the tidied-up PG-13 vrsoien). Cera and Dennings work well together, although I hate that someone decided to make Dennings the  pretty ugly girl.  There is no universe in which she is not cuter than Alexis Dzienda.Could have lived without the Sisterhood of the Traveling Gum, though.
Dudu ( 9 years ago )
Thank you for reading and coeimntmng hun :) your blog is really great, especially if you've just started it! I would recommend starting a twitter account to find people who enjoy the same things as you write about, and let them know about your blog and comment regularly on lots of different blogs as usually the people who read yours are fellow bloggers. Hope this helps! :) xx

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