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Worldwide celebrity downblouse on cam

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The worldwide celebrity blonde was spied on paparazzo camera showing nips that peeped out of her black bikini
Tags: hot cekebs photo gallery, hotpics of celebs
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Text comments (3)

Ruud ( 8 years ago )
Penelope Cruz and Keira Knightly look fine without mukeap (actually, Penelope looks better without it).  Keira just needed a? good dose of lip and eyebrow waxing.
Pavlovna ( 8 years ago )
Hello DavidLOOOONG and boring paphrragas make most of the readers scary(I agree & I implement the same strategy i.e writing short para's).About long posts   it depends, if you're able to create curiosity till the end, then even 3000+ word articles go viral(I've lots of examples, specially on my blog), simple tip here is write with a knife(cut unnecessary words).I don't know how Abhi convinced you to write this   but I like the way you've crafted this post. Great share!Rahul kuntala recently posted..
Avijit ( 8 years ago )
So the article is balciasly in a sarcastic tone   I must say, great way of presenting the article David ! Perfect ! NSFW pictures would actually keep some of the visitors in the blog (those who like such stuff)  but the blog itself would lost all the respect it could have achieved. And of course, long posts with text surfing down without any picture or video would be boring and force the readers to hit the  close' button.Once again, great article !Mushfique recently posted..

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