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These legs up the short skirt seem to be a little bit fatty, maybe it
Tags: girl upskirt view, sweet up skirt oops
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Viji ( 3 years ago )
My need/reason for having my cell phone with me is reletad to my job.  I work for a manufacturing company that runs 24/7 in multiple sites across the country. I routinely have to be on call and must always be available in case of software issues that can cost millions of dollars if not corrected quickly.  All I want to be able to do is CARRY my cell phone with me, in a enclosed way (zipper pocket of my towel, a bag on a string around my neck). I don't want to get it OUT and USE IT, but I must be able to look to see if a text or phone call from work has come in.I respect the desire of my fellow nudists/naturists to not be concerned about pictures or perhaps worse.. having someone sitting by them while they are relaxing in the warm sun who is constantly talking, texting, gabbing, with someone one the phone.  Perhaps even just across the pool!  UGH  But what is the harm in carrying my phone, in a pouch? Then if a text or call comes in, removing myself to a designated  use' area to make/receive calls and respond to texts.I agree with Melissa however, the true problem is BEHAVIOR not technology.
Leila ( 4 years ago )
TiffanyHi, My name is Tiffany and my 13 year old son Taylor and I will be going to Africa with you guys this summer. We have lived in Nashville for about two years, but are orllganiy from Tulsa. I work for a dentist so we are going to bring some toothbrushes and toothpaste for the people there. Also, we are trying to learn French because I heard it was their primary language. We are so excited for this adventure and can't wait to share the love of Jesus with Africa!
Irfan ( 4 years ago )
Hi,I'm starting Turbo Fire in a week.  (I oerrded it about 2 days ago).  I'm very excited about the routines. I'm a 31 year old, 2 children (11 and 2 years).  On my last pregnacy I went up 50 lbs.  I still need to get off at least 7 more, but those have been very difficult for me.  This summer I began the Insanity program and it was great.  But work and the kids has made it  very difficult to continue.I know that as soon as I get the  Turbo Fire program I'll start working on my routines.  I really need this!!!!Hope to hear back from you soon!!
Sergio ( 4 years ago )
You know this already   but I pateind the entire inside or our current home   and the one we sold to purchase this home   in the nude.  I pateind the sold home in stages but was nude the entire time.  I too learned from room to room of better or different techniques to keep paint of the carpet, making straight lines and taping to keep the paint off the ceiling so I wasn't going back to touch up.This home was even more fun.  I had to go out and buy a taller ladder! 12   14 ft ceilings were much different to paint than the 9 ft ceilings in the old house.  Trying to figure out how to explain why I was naked, lying in paint and injured to the 911 first responders was always on my mind at the top of that ladder! LOLI did show up for a Dr's appt. later in the afternoon after painting.  While my female doctor was performing an exam and I had my shorts around my ankles   she asked    painting again?   I said,  yeah    She said    missed a spot and lightly poked the spot on my butt!   Seems I leaned against a wet wall! LOL

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