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Text comments (5)

Fazal ( 3 years ago )
Lovely pictures, you carueptd every day life quite well ^^  I agree, why must people in romance movies always be beautiful, it wouldn't hurt us to see normal people falling in love.  You pictures make me want to get over my fears of going out in public and taking pictures of random people/things.  I feel weird taking pictures of people without permission.  These kind of posts are inspiring ^^
Esther ( 3 years ago )
Must be nice to have a camera   I'm savnig up for one for my birthday haha.I too love to observe people wherever I go, be it on the train ride back home, or on the bus, or on the streets of Orchard Road on my way to Japanese lessons. Always interesting ^^;
Ashnil ( 3 years ago )
hey bro, thanks for the cemomnts, was about to consult u for shooting advices. will keep that in mind.the boyfriend with the girl in green next to the poster. don't worry, he thinks i'm taking shots of the poster. was waiting for the girl to turn around.concur on the more daring part. right now only dare to take pics of their backs. will be working on how to take them at the front with their facial expressions.
Candy ( 3 years ago )
If I were to vote for one of them, I would pick Malaga. Barcelona is a city worth seeing it but if you are from Istanbul   like me   you do not find anyithng very different in Barcelona. Of course people are different but architecture is very similar despite Turkey is being a Muslim country. What I liked most about Barcelona is that 24 hours a day there is subway, at least it used to be like that when I travelled to Barcelona a few years ago.
Ana ( 6 years ago )
The closure copcnet is the ONLY way to introduce negative, rational and real numbers in a reasonably intuitive way.Huh? This isn't intuitive at all. The number line is intuitive: a representation of having a credit or debit of something.You can't explain the abstract by means of the even more abstract.You can't even explain the concrete by means of the abstract.What you can explain is the abstract by means of the concrete.What you can "intuitive" I call a mental Rube Goldberg machine. A giant apparatus of levers, pulleys, and flying balloons employed to ring a doorbell.(Very akin to complex theories of how to teach reading - which end up producing more illiteracy than would otherwise occur if McGuffey Readers were used.)The "closure property" is intuitive PRIOR TO knowing what negative numbers and the like are? Wow. That's like saying the limit in calculus is intuitive before being introduced to whole numbers. You've got it backward.

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