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When our hunter saw this terrific beauty in the book store, he almost forgot what he was doing there, staring at girl's royal fanny
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Damino ( 5 years ago )
Oh this is now on my list too .. I want to do this!!!So many thoughts and I had a few  where's Waldo  mtnmeos while looking at your pics:pic #1:  right side about half way up  does that dude have a box on Cheerios.. AND are they honey nut?   pic 3#:  coming off the stairs  is that a nakkid guy?  I spy!  Oh and Care, buttman is wearing a black back pack on his back (rhymes!) and he is two to the right of the gut with the H on his back.  pic #5:  policeman dude behind the golden pants is cracking me up and wait!  Isnt he also Honey Nut Cheerios man???  Seriously as crowded as it is  could people actually run?Sheila (Book Journey)b4s last [type] ..
Tasha ( 5 years ago )
Tam,Bubblehead Les nailed it.The issue was perdarepness and carrying.  You were, you feel the nekkid folk were . . uncovered.The nekkid commuter bus was a Disarmed Victim Zone ("no firearms allowed" invitation to a mass shooting).  That was why you had to 'disarm' before entering.  And also why the folk already aboard the DVZ were so content -- they forgot the bad guys, by definition, don't follow the rules, and they figured their rules keep them safe.As for the attractiveness of the average population.  That was symbolic as well as actual naturist recreation fact.  Naturists take off their clothes because they like the sun, the breeze, the swimming pool, etc. on their skin.Folk looking to see nekkid people go to strip bars.  Folk needing folk to see them nekkid . . often get in trouble.  Folk at naturist recreation activities usually learn to judge a person by their character, their smile -- the conscious part of their person.Attractiveness is still noticed, but measured in different terms when the 'hide part of this so folk will notice how *hot* I am' clothing peek-a-boo show is left behind.The symbolic part of the bus crowd, was that you respect a few of the reasons not to carry (be prepared/covered against disaster), but most folk don't carry for unattractive reasons.So the question for today is -- why were you so set on entering the commuter bus to commute to . . somewhere? And why were you interested in stripping off to join the "other" crowd?  Going along with the crowd showed you were willing to go along with the crowd; it didn't hold out for a different path.
Vann ( 5 years ago )
I came into a family in pgoerrss with a nasty  ex  problem, so I made no attempt to bring up the kids that way.  But a cousin and other families I know have.  It seems pretty straightforward.  Violate the rules and you'll spend some time in clothes while others around you are free to be nude.  Clothing as punishment, because clothing is punishment.That said, parents learn to tolerate a certain amount of insensitivity and yes, unsanitary behavior anyway.  Some pet owners seem to have completely resigned themselves to it, and others put up with it.  -1Was this answer helpful?
Pasha ( 5 years ago )
I say no being if you go by that logic then 100% of people are nutidss, everyone is nude in their home often even alone. To me being a nudist is something social. Even if you only do it at home and dont tell anyone else then for sure you are not a nudist in my eyes. If you only go nude in your home and remain nude while you have guests yes you are a nudist. But simply taking a shower and not getting dressed for around hour after your done while alone does not make you a nudist, I am sorry.  +5Was this answer helpful?

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