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Laced panty up chippy girl's skirt look so sexily tempting you can't help but want to pull them off immediately
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Rhea ( 3 years ago )
carabossDay 1 (Friday) arrived in Chiang mai esxhuated after all the traveling.  Did ministry at Emmi's coffee house that reaches out to Thai college students, enjoyed some open-mic night at the coffee house and then crashed upstairs in the mission team dorms.Day 2 (Saturday)went to a Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai,  and prayed against strongholds of Buddhism in the country.  Visited with a local monk to gain understanding of the belief system and Buddhist impact on culture. went out to the slums and played with the children there. Prayer walking in the red light district.Day 3 (Sunday) went to a church and performed drama, shared testimonies, Dan shared a brief message.  Had lunch with the church family afterwards. The whole team enjoyed the lunch experience with brothers and sisters in Christ. In the afternoon, prayed for Thai people, each other, and the Africa and Guatemala trips.Day 4 (Monday) traveled to Home of Blessing in Chiang Kham.  Met the girls that are there and Pastors Sayan and Siriporn Kusavadee.  Team members have there own small group and met with them, played and quickly bonded with the girls.  Everyone loves it there.  Dan Haack
Priya ( 4 years ago )
I didn't expect this to be a great film but it had a lot of panettiol to be a fun film. Ultimately, it was a big let down. The plot was all over the place which sucks because the lead character, Madsen's character and Hopper's character could have been very cool. I agree  instead of presenting films, Q.T. should rewrite and direct them himself. Although, he did  present  Iron Monkey which was a fun little Martial Arts flick. Check it out!!!
Patrizia ( 4 years ago )
Well that's disappointing. While Ico and SotC both had male main chrarcteas and not terribly positive female chrarcteas, without the context of the dev's thought process that went into them, there wasn't really anything (in the games themselves) that seemed outright sexist (I mean, you could easily switch the sex of all the chrarcteas and there would be like, zero difference in the narrative).But now that I know the developers had stupid reasons for choosing the sex of their chrarcteas *grumble*  Also about Kerrigan, I recall that her zerg form has always been hilariously sexy-d up, though a quick look at her new design makes me laugh.mang blizzardmaybe you should lay off the bright purples and yellows a biti mean it works for wow but geezi think you might want to have more than one art style
Toprak ( 4 years ago )
There is a lot of silly stuff they teach in algebra class, and that I had to teach in my triuotng center, that comes from New Math of the '60s and the Bourbaki group's approach to math teaching. Both are highly formalized and deductive.If you ever had to learn what the commutative law was, it's their fault. You don't need that until you study linear algebra or abstract algebra, which few are going to do anyway.About closure, here's how I helped my students get it: to do a basic arithmetic operation, you need two numbers. You can't say, "What's 5 plus?" So, imagine you're taking these two numbers from a bag -- does the answer also come from that bag? If so, then the operation is closed for that bag. (That helps tie it in with the term "closure." You never leave that bag.) If you have to go to a different bag to get the answer, it's not closed.If you have a kid in algebra, or are a teacher, I've found that picture helps a lot.
Adel ( 4 years ago )
I have only played 1 hour of ICO but that first hour left me with a bad feelnig of the game. The female character was just so utterly helpless. The male main character picks up a stick to fight back the shadow creatures, but she has no weapon (why can't she use a simple stick?!). He is solving the environmental puzzles. She cannot climb ropes or blocks, she needs his help to move around the environment. She is literally dragged around by the main character. My first impression of the game left me thinking of her as completely helpless and I did not like that feelnig. So not only did they not use a female main character, but they managed to create one of the weakest stereotypes of a female NPC possible. She is trapped in a cage until the boy comes to rescue her and even after escaping that cage, she is still completely dependent on him.

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