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The teen chippy is sitting on hunkers and doesn't know it's a perfect position for our hunter to film her round tushie in white panty
Tags: new womens upskirt, up-skirt shots
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Faran ( 5 years ago )
or how they have responded to us, we tend to inesvt a lot of value into the opinions of others.    But, in the end, it is our own responsbility to affirm ourselves regardless of what others may think or do.  One of the great gifts I hear many nudist say they receive as a nudist is a sense of self acceptance.   Nature doesn't make junk.  Living life does gives wear and tear.  Never, never ask me to believe that a woman missing a breast because of life saving surgery is somehow now broken.  Yes, nature does experiment and sometimes we could be shocked into a new awareness by all the ways that nature does experiment.  Most of us never see or imagine all of what that may be.   Yet, as a community we pride ourselves on our ability to transcend and to accept and therefore affirm.  In the giving, we receive and that process gives us a sense of self that speaks very highly of who we are.   No shame, no guilt   a community that should proudly state that we are where our ancesters were and where our collected future should be going back towards.

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