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These chippies must be wearing such short skirt on purpose so that the poor men got the real hard on from their upskirts!
Tags: sexy up the skirt, free up skirt gallires
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Mami ( 3 years ago )
I completely unranstedd the need for privacy and respect for others's personal space, but that doesn't justify banning technology that younger people need to do their jobs in today's world. I've always maintained that technology would help bolster club memberships via pictures or blog posts. That doesn't mean clubs can't survive without tech, but this problem will not go away before the last club does. In compromise, I do like the idea of a pouch or carrying case and restricted zones. I don't bring phones with me poolside because of the water. I could also see electronic devices restricted to inside tents, cars, or RVs. What about signing agreements that taking photos of non-consenting members would result in instant bans?
valerioboca47 ( 6 years ago )

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