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The great bimbo is washing the windows upstairs and enjoying the thought that her stockings upskirt is seen to everybody!
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Vershima ( 9 years ago )
You have been crazy busy!  It's a good thing to keep your mind and body busy but einurnsg you have some down time to enjoy those other thnigs you enjoy.I think for me, personally, it would be difficult to live where you do and have drastic enough seasons where my lifestyle would suffer to the extent of only living it indoors! LOLBut you take the good with the inconvienient and persevere!   Stay loose and enjoy life with all it's ups and downs!
Nikol ( 9 years ago )
Hi Melissa,  I am the only one in my family that ejynos being clothes free. I would like my wife to join me, but for some reason she doesn't feel comfortable or she has  somthing else to say like why?  I am not a member of any like AANR, or Minnesota Naturist. I am a home nudist and have been one for a number of years. We don't have any place close to my area that is private or secluded. I lived south of Mankato, MN. and as far as nudist friends there are none. As far as starting a conversation on nudity/naturism without people thinking your some kind of weirdo how would you start? Hope you can help.Thanks
Nick ( 9 years ago )
Melissa! Thank you for this post, it was so nice! We had a great time with you, and we're so glad you came down to see for yourself what Nude Night Out is about   (why, the love, of csruoe. 1-track mind   We do have a pretty diverse group, with some die-hard dancers hahah. We usually get a few newbies, and it's fun to introduce people and see what they think about nudism/nude parties. If you come back we can try to fix your GPS, but can't do much about the Lincoln Tunnel lol. See you again soon!
Yusuf ( 9 years ago )
I completely unrndstaed the need for privacy and respect for others's personal space, but that doesn't justify banning technology that younger people need to do their jobs in today's world. I've always maintained that technology would help bolster club memberships via pictures or blog posts. That doesn't mean clubs can't survive without tech, but this problem will not go away before the last club does. In compromise, I do like the idea of a pouch or carrying case and restricted zones. I don't bring phones with me poolside because of the water. I could also see electronic devices restricted to inside tents, cars, or RVs. What about signing agreements that taking photos of non-consenting members would result in instant bans?
Shekhalam ( 9 years ago )
Melissa: I agree with your post.When I first got into nudism I was also met with diatriminscion. Being a single male, and also 18 at the time, people automatically thought I was there with bad intentions. I even had been asked to leave one place because someone said I had an erection. Suddenly, the management comes up to me and tells me they had several complaints, from people who said they saw me with an erection, even though I know they did not see me with one. I never had one in any way. I think they just wanted me out cause I was new to nudism at that point and cause I was so young.Your post also gives perspective from a female. Issues I obviously did not know of, but can relate to some.I do think there are places that need to open up and let singles in. That's the best way you're going to get more members and to benefit nudism as a while.
entedeeximi ( 11 years ago )
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