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They spent wild night out in the club, drinking, showing off their dirtiest moves and demonstrating each others boobs for fun
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Jord ( 8 years ago )
I mostly dont dare to take pohtos of people especially on the front, kind of scared that people will hit me ^^; but everything changes when I take cosplay pohtos ^^;Now I remembered I saw the free hugs people at orchoad and people really go hug them ^^;
Lujada ( 8 years ago )
Melissa. Not too sure if you will read this as it is an ancient post. I've often tughoht of giving a seminar for single women, couples, and families on the advantages of social nudism, but don't quite know how to go about it. As a single male, I would expect a seminar to be much more acceptable if a female co-directed. AANR sponsership would be a big help and go a long way toward acceptance.Perhaps reaching out to interested females and families through the local media and the internet is an option. What do you think? And any advise would be most appreciated.

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