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Girl in golden bra and blue shorts

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Golden bikini top and sparkling blue shorts, doesnt it sound sexy? No wonder the crowd is standing on their ears!
Tags: chicks wearing shorts, short shorts hotties
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Ger ( 5 years ago )
I say no being if you go by that logic then 100% of people are nistdus, everyone is nude in their home often even alone. To me being a nudist is something social. Even if you only do it at home and dont tell anyone else then for sure you are not a nudist in my eyes. If you only go nude in your home and remain nude while you have guests yes you are a nudist. But simply taking a shower and not getting dressed for around hour after your done while alone does not make you a nudist, I am sorry.  +5Was this answer helpful?
Open ( 5 years ago )
It's no  Heathers  or  After Hours,  but I liked  Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist  just the same (read the book if you want the R story and not the tidied-up PG-13 viroesn). Cera and Dennings work well together, although I hate that someone decided to make Dennings the  pretty ugly girl.  There is no universe in which she is not cuter than Alexis Dzienda.Could have lived without the Sisterhood of the Traveling Gum, though.
Yoby ( 7 years ago )
The fat illiterate nucnask you're speaking to neither represents Tram Pararam or any of it's artists, nor even has access to any artwork beyond low resolution, pre-2008 shit released as free samples. Your site is shit. You are shit. Everything you have or ever will touch is shit. Good day to you sir.

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