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Amateur butts up skirt and in tight jeans

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This video becomes even hotter due to the fact that the voyeur camera has recorded amateur butts up skirts and also wrapped in tight jeans.
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Tolga ( 4 years ago )
carabossThings are going great. Outreaches going well and everyone is hethlay.  We have played soccer with the tuareg refugees, ministered to Fulani street boys, and we are headed to the Nuni village tomorrow for 3 days with the hope of establishing a church in this group of mostly unreached people. Only 60 believers so far in the people group. I'll try to email later with more details.We are currently planning our outreach for the village. Hygiene skits, toothbrushing skits, water purification project, vbs, and our drama. We will be sleeping under mosquito nets in a school in this village.
Wafik ( 4 years ago )
Hi,I'm starting Turbo Fire in a week.  (I oedrerd it about 2 days ago).  I'm very excited about the routines. I'm a 31 year old, 2 children (11 and 2 years).  On my last pregnacy I went up 50 lbs.  I still need to get off at least 7 more, but those have been very difficult for me.  This summer I began the Insanity program and it was great.  But work and the kids has made it  very difficult to continue.I know that as soon as I get the  Turbo Fire program I'll start working on my routines.  I really need this!!!!Hope to hear back from you soon!!
Sandra ( 4 years ago )
Huh? This isn't intuitive at all. The nuembr line is intuitive: a representation of having a credit or debit of something.Actually, the nuembr line uses a basic conceptual metaphor known as "Motion Along A Path" in cognitive-science-of-mathematics jargon: this is why it's more intuitive than a formal closure-based approach.  But even then, you need closure in order to conceptualize what "subtracting a negative nuembr" means.In other words, the closure principle is what has allowed us to "explain the abstract by means of the concrete" in the first place.  See "Where Mathematics Comes From", which relies on this very example in order to show the importance of "closure" to mathematical cognition.
Hamzah ( 4 years ago )
Thanks for the positive cteomnms; Graham's done us proud. Just one thing don't forget that you must use your proper full name in order post; this is so that everyone can see exactly who is posting. Thanking you all.

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