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Little black dress that does not hide ass

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The sexy girl is wearing such a little black dress that when she turns back to the crowd it does not hide her cute ass up skirt
Tags: ass up skirt
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Thata ( 6 years ago )
If there was a Boss of Words I'd ask them to define  natsrium' solidly and to toss  nudism' out as a overall term to mean  anything done naked', including natsrium, just to simplify things for everyone!.But there is no Boss and the terms nudist and naturist are so inexorably intertwined and equally misunderstood that they are becoming meaningless.  It would be great to be able to separate the behaviors and activities from the philosophy by using different words, but with no one to lead the way, it won't happen.  That leaves us to keep trying to educate folks as to what they mean, convoluted though it is..My turn to apologize, I read  not wearing clothes unnecessarily' literally as in,  they're  nude when it's not necessary to be dressed.  If it's meant to include getting nude only on special occasions it could well be accurate.   Hey, there might well be that many flashers alone out there!  Or strippers, or chorus girls, or models   .Plan  b'   If the original Plan had worked (love one another), we wouldn't have needed ANY more plans

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