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Rosimeire ( 6 years ago )
Johnny DeppHe has it all and has had it all for years!!! And will have it all for years to come.While the others on your list are wothry candidates. There is only one Johnny Depp and you can see that in his TV and movie interview's, movies that he plays in , and in the love that he shows for his friends, family, co-workers, fans  and especially his children.There is no character that he can't play. He can be loving and sincere, funny, scary, crazy, demented,serious. He can play any part and make it his own and make it believable!!!The other's on your list and maybe even some that aren't on your list and that others will write on here may have some of these traits but they don't even come close to what Johnny Depp has and they never will in my eyes at least!!!!So the answer to your question is this Johnny Depp has it all!!!!

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