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Following babe and shooting street ups

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Slim chick was walking and along the street and our hunter was following her and filming her upskirt!
Tags: looking up girl's skirts, upskirt free galleries
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Jack ( 4 years ago )
Since it was introduced, I've held out for Small Business Day and do most of my shppiong for Diane at the small businesses in our  Old Town.   The supply is limited as are the choices but   I'm still able to find what she wants and likes and I will pay just a little bit more to stay clear of the horrendous crowds and the big stores.I'm also mindful of smaller, independant places, like coffee shops and go to several throughout the month.  I like keeping smaller businesses in business and I wish more and more people would patronize many of these independants.I think working Thanksgiving should be  voluntary.   If the business is willing to pay extra or double time for workers working a Holiday, then let those employees make that choice.  If you can't staff your business   close the doors and wait til the following day. I agree, there is way too much corporate greed and it bugs me that a month or more before a holiday   you can't find anything for the holiday that is  still 2 weeks away!Besides   smaller businesses  usually  offer better customer service    usually.
Diogo ( 4 years ago )
Great article. It's soawehmt ridiculous that no one seems to mention the body scanners and TSA after the holidays. The body scanners are still out in full force. I wrote an article about how it seems like they love to have women go through the scanners. Coincidence I think not. My sister was pulled out of a metal detector line after a heavy-set TSA agent kept eying her up and down. He then told her she had to go through the body scanner or opt out. She ended up missing her flight because of this. There has to be a better way to airport security, rather than a last ditch effort to block a terrorist at the gate.
Yayang ( 4 years ago )
here. Not to mention, you prabboly have realized by now that I'm not a sympathetic ear to the "poor, poor men" argument in most cases. This post is about the comments that were left all over articles and discussions about that video and a few other incidents. So unless you can prove that all of the hundreds of comments were faked, I'm really not sure what your point is. Do you have anything to say that's on topic? If not, feel free to continue the pity party for hard-done-by-in-society men on your own blog. I'm more concerned with the very real, very widespread misogyny and rape culture this video dragged out into the daylight for everyone to see, because that actually hurts women. And not just their feelings, like this video evidently hurt yours.
Marlies ( 4 years ago )
I find the only true way to make it work would go against the idea of nudsim and freedom itself, I mean imagine if you will you enter through the gate to your local nude resort and upon doing so your asked or told you must hand over cell phones that have photo taking ability and you get a tag in return so it would almost be like a valet for your phone! actually that might work very well. I would have no issue turning in my phone like that being if I am there to relax nude the phone is just a modern distraction that is not needed. So to everyone promote the phone valet method to your resort or club. It very well could work.
Atieye ( 4 years ago )
I'm with you Melisa I tell everyone I'm a nusdit. Ssimply because I refuse to be ashamed of something that has been so good for me. I love it, it has cut way down on my stress levels. At first my family and friends were like uhh, okay, I guess? But as they have learned more about it from me they realize it is just a part of who I am. I think this is the only way to legitimize social nudism in the eyes of the public one person at a time through interaction with real people who just so happen to enjoy social nudism. Simple when you think of it. I mean how to a lot of us learn about the world? Through interaction it is the things that are unknown that are mysterious and weird. So let the cat out of the bag you never know who else might be one too.
Syam ( 4 years ago )
You know this already   but I patnied the entire inside or our current home   and the one we sold to purchase this home   in the nude.  I patnied the sold home in stages but was nude the entire time.  I too learned from room to room of better or different techniques to keep paint of the carpet, making straight lines and taping to keep the paint off the ceiling so I wasn't going back to touch up.This home was even more fun.  I had to go out and buy a taller ladder! 12   14 ft ceilings were much different to paint than the 9 ft ceilings in the old house.  Trying to figure out how to explain why I was naked, lying in paint and injured to the 911 first responders was always on my mind at the top of that ladder! LOLI did show up for a Dr's appt. later in the afternoon after painting.  While my female doctor was performing an exam and I had my shorts around my ankles   she asked    painting again?   I said,  yeah    She said    missed a spot and lightly poked the spot on my butt!   Seems I leaned against a wet wall! LOL

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