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shorts movie

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Shorts off! They're kinda hot, but we betta see what's underneath, right?
Tags: ass in shorts shorts, sexy tight jeans
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Text comments (6)

Fede ( 5 years ago )
CJ /     Wonder Woman as played by Lynda Carter is ionicc, the proud USA stars and stripes inspire hope in a crime filled world, hope that a hero will save the day, that hope is Wonder Woman.
Dinesh ( 5 years ago )
TheSundayBest: Ooh nice idea but no! I might embark on my shop dream if you came over and wokerd alongside me!WendyB: I cna get away with it but shoirt shorts are frowned upon in EJ's office. Boo hiss to the powers that be! Amy: Hopefully the post will justify your excitement, we think it should!
Anna ( 5 years ago )
fery /     The old one lots lots better, the new cmoutses sux, may be the designer never read comics, and the old wonderwoman heroin also prettier .should just change everything, and fire everyone, before even making the movie, this will be like the legend of chun li movie
Kaden ( 5 years ago )
IMHO you've got the right anwser!
China ( 5 years ago )
Thanks guys, I just about lost it loonkig for this.
big d ( 11 years ago )
im underneath go away

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