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jeans movie

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Those jeans squeese chick's gorgeous bubble-ass so tightly, it hurts to look!
Tags: jeans sexy pics, ass in tight jeans
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Text comments (4)

Dario ( 5 years ago )
well that's not the kind of bokeh effect i want. the pesasrs-by in my pics are motion blur, as u can see the background is still clear. usually for me if i am shooting faces, i prefer all of them to be clear. even if they are not my subjects. ^^;
Rafa ( 5 years ago )
As much as I agree ur point of view about candid popghtraohy, it's actually an offense in Australia. The laws was toughen about this act when there was a slight rise of pervs taken pictures of boys and girls and selling them off the net. It's still a big problem in Aus including child molesters which is just sick. T_T
Syank ( 5 years ago )
Lovely pictures, you caeutrpd every day life quite well ^^  I agree, why must people in romance movies always be beautiful, it wouldn't hurt us to see normal people falling in love.  You pictures make me want to get over my fears of going out in public and taking pictures of random people/things.  I feel weird taking pictures of people without permission.  These kind of posts are inspiring ^^
kronos ( 10 years ago )
i love big asses

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