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Classy girl demonstrating her butt

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Our hunter was following one classy girl who was demonstrating her butts lifting up that mini skirt!
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Text comments (3)

Jenn ( 3 years ago )
I love these arictles. How many words can a wordsmith smith?
Gerrilyn ( 3 years ago )
Last one to utiizle this is a rotten egg!
Ariel ( 5 years ago )
I just happened to click a link to your blog today.  Read this post and stemohing went to my head.  Another suggestion that surely would make pervs cringe in fear or disgustment.  It's a crazy idea but anyway...how about put a pair of pingpong/ table tennis balls inside a  flesh or tan colored stocking and let it dangle around the crotch area like your 3rd drawing.  Instead of hair, it's a ball on the left and right.  Now imagine the look on the perverts face when he sees it.  Bet he would say Holy crap it's a man!!!

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