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Black panty hiding under summer dress

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Black panties were hiding under the short summer dress but our skillful hunter exposed them!
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Malik ( 3 years ago )
I would have difficulty idyitifenng four swinger couples at a nudist resort unless they were engaging in sex in front of everyone. That sort of thing will get them kicked out, but what goes on in someone's RV, tent, cabin, etc is really no one else's business.  +5Was this answer helpful?
Bertha ( 3 years ago )
It sounds like you think, beaucse only 10% of the kids are getting over 500 on the SATs, we should keep the standards low, so that every kid can graduate high school? Why should this be a goal, when US students consistently underperform other developed and undeveloped countries - ignoring our failures won't help these kids compete.Furthermore, basic algebra is part of what makes a successful person who can manage his or her own finances. Sending kids away from high school without a basic understanding of numbers, into a world where they will be pitched credit cards, adjustable rate mortgages, and payday loans, is just a failure.

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