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Gorgeous stripper got wild during her performance and didn't even notice her berries flashing outa her black combs
Tags: down blouse boobs, down blouse pictures
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Xavier ( 3 years ago )
I totally feel the same way, the ovoredne bright colour trend they've started is a huge overkill.  & seeing them on conventional beauties such as the ones above make these looks (& any look for that matter) become totally played out.
Kewalee ( 3 years ago )
In CA, if you have made a reasonable atepmtt at privacy, like a six foot fence around your back yard, you're good to go.  Italian Cypress is a great barrier to maintain privacy, and grows tall enough to block the view of even two-story homes that might be your neighbor.  Perhaps a trellis of creeping vine along the fence will also keep little Johnny next door from peeking through the gaps in the fence.Local laws prevail of course.  But in most states (except Arkansas where any form of nudism is illegal) a reasonable atepmtt at privacy wins out.  If some neighbor complains, ask them why they're invading your privacy?  -4Was this answer helpful?

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