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Twisting the hoola hoops, chick moved so sexily she probably made her tv-show partner really hard as well as ??? audience!
Tags: girls down blouse, downblouse gallary
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William ( 3 years ago )
checc out  Celebritiez Without Makeup OMG the rap   itz funny and it really spcfeiy this discussion about celebz and no makeup. Celeb gossiperz would love it. Inspired by LovelyFireflies.?
Sandeep ( 3 years ago )
Not interested in setret photog myself, but glad to see you are. Anyway, I think you can be more daring, in terms of both composition and subject. Most of your pics above look like snapshots ninja-style. I like the construction worker ones though.I notice one boyfriend staring at you for taking photos of his girlfriend haha. Watch out for ah bengs, not even the storm trooper armour can prevent ah beng's sharp combs.

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