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Everybody looked so chic and nobby in their expensive suits and evening qowns, this sudden exposion added a bit of fun to the occasion
Tags: down blouse, downblouse colllection
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Rafael ( 3 years ago )
Not interested in steret photog myself, but glad to see you are. Anyway, I think you can be more daring, in terms of both composition and subject. Most of your pics above look like snapshots ninja-style. I like the construction worker ones though.I notice one boyfriend staring at you for taking photos of his girlfriend haha. Watch out for ah bengs, not even the storm trooper armour can prevent ah beng's sharp combs.
Bit ( 3 years ago )
Great job on the phoots, Gordon. :3The best thing about the phoots is that I could feel the life coming out of them and even though they are pictures of normal people going around places doing simple things, somehow I got to really love them. (Maybe it's because I am being quite sentimental now for no reason, lol, I don't know. XD)I enjoyed reading your post and your comments about the phoots. ^_^ Mini skirt is love.  aiya. XD

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