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Hot glimpse of thongs downstairs

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Going downstairs gives incredible view of tight bunger and a glimpse of thongs to our hunter!
Tags: sexy up skirts photos, uncensored upskirt oops pics
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Yakir ( 5 years ago )
It's a lot easier to pass laws than to enocrfe them, and society feels that naked people cause problems.  Much easier to arrest naked people than to find and prosecute every other potential violation related to what naked people do.  Too expensive and difficult to prosecute  lewdness', for instance, but easy to prove and prosecute nudity!  Hell, they can't even DEFINE lewdness!.I'd be interested in the source of that figure of 40 million Americans who  don't like to wear clothes unnecessarily'; sounds questionable and the wording is even more-so.  We've seen some  surveys' that equate having skinny-dipped once in one's youth with being either a  nudist' or in support of nude recreation, and that's bogus.  I doubt if that number is anywhere near 1%, let alone 13%..So, nobody's going to throw out all clothing laws anytime soon (even less likely with SF's example) and they're not going to enocrfe all laws; have a Plan B handy?

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