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jeans movie

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Fabulous bimbo in sexy boots knows how to show what she's got, and these terrific jeans give her such a tasty look!
Tags: jeans sexy but, chicks in tight jeans
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Johnpatrick ( 2 years ago )
As much as I agree ur point of view about candid phroogtaphy, it's actually an offense in Australia. The laws was toughen about this act when there was a slight rise of pervs taken pictures of boys and girls and selling them off the net. It's still a big problem in Aus including child molesters which is just sick. T_T
Open ( 2 years ago )
Candid is fun to play with, isn't it. Can capture how pelope behave in public. I love taking photos of kids. Sometimes, i get the very curious look from their parents, but i just smile and go. XD There was once, an old ah pek scolded me when i didn't even take his photo. =.= 'That's the Kino at orchard ne? Am going to go this coming tues to get Jump.And, yeah. Neoprint is the word for it. Very expensive, yet fun. Used to take lotsa them during my secondary days. Actually regarding the photo about the shutter, it's better in this way. Usually for candid, we will have an idea in mind what do we want as our subject. In the particular photo, i believe the subject is the group of youngsters. So, with a  blurred' background, it brings out the subject. Just my thoughts, hope you don't mind. ^.^

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