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The candid public upskirt view was presented to us by the salacious chick whose favorite outfit is the short skirt!
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Ahmed ( 3 years ago )
Well I do think it is what your body is used to. If you go nude on a regular basis that is what your body thkins is natural. Since I started going nude on a regular basis I notice I can go nude in cooler temps and be comfortable. I also have a problem with 90 plus temps and I rather be inside in air condition during those temps.
Colek ( 3 years ago )
You have been crazy busy!  It's a good thing to keep your mind and body busy but ensuring you have some down time to enjoy those other thnigs you enjoy.I think for me, personally, it would be difficult to live where you do and have drastic enough seasons where my lifestyle would suffer to the extent of only living it indoors! LOLBut you take the good with the inconvienient and persevere!   Stay loose and enjoy life with all it's ups and downs!
Pilar ( 3 years ago )
Melissa! Thank you for this post, it was so nice! We had a great time with you, and we're so glad you came down to see for yourself what Nude Night Out is about   (why, the love, of cusroe. 1-track mind   We do have a pretty diverse group, with some die-hard dancers hahah. We usually get a few newbies, and it's fun to introduce people and see what they think about nudism/nude parties. If you come back we can try to fix your GPS, but can't do much about the Lincoln Tunnel lol. See you again soon!

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