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The girls are at the party in sexy outfits and with bright makeup having no idea their short skirts reveal the delicious view!
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Sandy ( 2 years ago )
Actions speak louder than words, and the fact that the older brtehor skinnydips with his family speaks volumes. He's not a typical nudist teen dropout, then.Of course in the bubble universe that this reporter portrayed, I feel like I'm watching the ONLY nudist family in the world.  There doesn't seem to be any reference to the youth director (who happens to be on my facebook if not on the news), nor are there references to other nudist teens or youth activity outside the family.And what's up with not interviewing the daughter? Or was she Alex's playmate?I've talked to many nudist kids, and I'm also sorry to say that Alex isn't particularly insightful, he's just a regular kid.  Does he excel in any particular subject? Does he have any special talents? Guess we'll never know from this report.Most nudist kids I know are extremely creative, have a well developed sense of humor and can read body language.  They can look at a naturist photo and a Playboy photo and tell you the difference in what that image conveys.  But there is no sign of that anywhere in the broadcast. People are so concerned that nudist kids lose something by living outside of the textile world, but why don't we show them what they gain?

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