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What this blonde woman wants doing during the talk show is demonstrating her up skirt view on the turned on cameras.
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Sanjana ( 5 years ago )
What a waste. One of the few cities in the US that pclbiuly allow our choice of clothing, or rather lack of, is now in real danger of losing that freedom just because a group decided to stroke up and slip on cock rings.  They are ruining something that the rest of us only dream about. As stated before this is not nudist/naturist behavior. If this were to happen at the places where we go, these folks would be promptly shown the gate. Some say the rings are jewelry. I'm having a tough time buying that one!!! Somehow I doubt I can go to the local jewelry store and buy a diamond set cock ring!!! In any case it is really sad that a few folks have to mess up such a good thing.

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