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Babe shows and plays with her boobs

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Yes, we spent a while trying to talk her into showing her boobs and playing with them for a bit, but she finally gave up
Tags: down blouse shots, downblouse down blouse
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Text comments (3)

Celina ( 3 years ago )
yo! the one in the pink and black can sing she is in a video and she has a myspace page go to  and you will see her and ray j teehtogr she is very beautiful!! i am mad they shot her from the back!!!!!!
Imahh ( 3 years ago )
Great job on the pthoos, Gordon. :3The best thing about the pthoos is that I could feel the life coming out of them and even though they are pictures of normal people going around places doing simple things, somehow I got to really love them. (Maybe it's because I am being quite sentimental now for no reason, lol, I don't know. XD)I enjoyed reading your post and your comments about the pthoos. ^_^ Mini skirt is love.  aiya. XD
toto40 ( 7 years ago )
very hot

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