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Adorable chicks tease with hot outfits

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Two absolutely adorable chicks in same outfit will drive anyone crazy, their bodies are outstandingly perfect
Tags: shorts butt, ass with shorts on
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Elvin ( 3 years ago )
Gee wikiellrs, that's such a great post!
Yady ( 3 years ago )
my pussy was wet and then gang-raped me in my pussy, my ass and my mouth. They took turns until each of them had used all my holes even though i was only wet from water and not exinmetect. From then on I stayed out of the water and just tanned nude, but the next time I went to the pool 2 other boys came over and said they needed to test me for wetness and made me spread my legs. One boy put his face right up to my pussy to get a very close look and I know I was dry but he said he couldn't really tell if I was wet or not just by looking. Then the other boy said he had an idea and he put his face between my legs and blew his breath on my pussy but I stayed dry and he said he couldn't tell if I was wet either. They discussed what to do and then turned to look at me with grins and I got worried. One of them put his face between my legs and said he wanted to smell if I was wet and used his nose to separate my pussy lips. He rubbed his nose up and down my slit but still I stayed dry, and again he said he wasn't positive one way or the other about my arousal. The other one said he was going to use his fingers to see if I was wet and started rubbing my clit. I had stayed dry all this time but now it was very difficult. Luckily he only rubbed me for a few seconds and I was able to stay dry much to both of the boys' disappointment. They both said they still couldn't tell if I was wet or dry and they had a duty to the college to make sure 100%. They told me to get on all fours and one got in front of me and one behind me. The one behind me said he had a sure way to test if I was wet and eased his cock into my tight pussy. I started to say that I wasn't wet but the boy told his friend who was in front of me to shut me up and he slid his cock into my mouth so I couldn't argue anymore. Well I had stayed dry through all of their tests but now that he had his cock in me I did start to get wet. He said he could feel my wetness and that I should be ashamed of myself for my lack of self control and that now according to the rules he had to rape me which was very rude of me to make him do because he had an appointment to get to and I was throwing off his whole day now.  I tried to apologize but his friend's cock was still in my mouth so I couldn't say anything. He again told me how rude I was not to say I was sorry and that now he was going to stop being gentle. My tight sweet nubile body was being pushed back and forth between these 2 muscular boys from their rhythmic thrusts at both ends. Once they were both done I thought at least it was all over but then he and his friend switched positions and went at me again. And again they both cursed me for making them so late by my poor behavior. This time when they were done they just walked away and left me completely used and exhausted in a heap next to the pool. Finally, the last time I went to the pool I was laying out naked and this one boy just came over to me and raped me not even testing to see if i was wet or not. So now I just don't use the pool at all.
Ervin ( 3 years ago )
probatako hdh sou exw steielei prkohlssh na ginoume filoi kai sto myspace kai sto hi5 kai sto msn..alla esu me snompareis..to katanow de lew..pws na gineis filos me olus tous thaumaste sou..alla egw mikro koritsaki mou se thaumazei, se ektimaei kai niwthei oti exei pola na mathei apo sena de mporei na tuxei mias kapw pio idiaiterhs metaxeirhshs??? mpeee?

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