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shorts movie

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Innocent looking girl turns out to be a nasty one, playfully modeling in tight shorts
Tags: short shorts babe, hotties in jeans
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Text comments (4)

Yasuo ( 3 years ago )
Amen! happy Easter :) Hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! oh, n I'm also hotisng a rad one of a kind giveaway that is surely to rock your socks.
Chocho ( 3 years ago )
The jeans are a classic time prvoen. They have been around longer than mini-skirts and they were worn in the harshest environments   and emerged unscathed! In the 1960s, the mini was popular. They were still fresh in the 80s. But the 90s, they are not a new fashion. If you choose the wrong design for the wrong body type, a mini might consider trash, or worse encore.Sauf if you are a lady golfer, chances are you would not be able to do just about  everything  in a mini! Go with jeans! Trust me. I went to rock concerts with friends and they always chose jeans and minis not.
slycat ( 6 years ago )
hot ass
big d ( 9 years ago )
i would like to play in her shorts

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